How To Get Traffic To A Blog

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There’s no point in having a blog if you don’t have people reading it. This is even more relevant in case you want to make money from your blog. One thing that every blog owner must understand is how to get blog traffic.

Although some people want you to believe that this is extremely difficult, this is not the case. It’s really quite simple to make traffic flow to your blog. Take a look at some of the ways you can easily apply to your blog to gather more traffic today.

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1. Use the built-in RSS capabilities to maximize your potential

RSS is a standard feature of your WP blog, and there are many plugins that specifically focus on this feature. By reading about how to maximize your RSS capabilities, you not only make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog, but everyone can syndicate their blog content on their own website. Feedburner is a awesome tool to use to enable, maximize and track your RSS activity.

2. Create “natural” backlinks to your blog from other sites

You can accomplish this in many ways. A natural link is when someone likes your content so much that they add a link from their own site to yours. Google will collect this link when you do your searches, and this will increase your position with search engines. Another way to create links to your blog is to leave a link in your signature file when you post on forums and other blogs.

3. Get blog traffic by writing and submitting great articles

By writing great articles and posting them on your blog, you can summarize them into smaller articles for submission to large article directories. These will have links in your resource box that will point to the main articles on your blog. By posting these smaller articles to directories, other webmasters can use them on their own sites as long as they keep their links intact. Of course, this means that those webmasters are effectively promoting their blog to their own members.

4. Comment on other blogs

As mentioned above, commenting on other blogs creates awareness and allows you to leave a link to your own blog. Make sure all the comments you leave are real comments with perceived value, and not just spam. If you don’t say anything relevant to the blog or article, chances are high that your comment will be rejected.

5. Writing more content is how to get blog traffic

Remember that every time you write and post a new article or content on your blog, many people will find out, especially if you have your RSS feeds set up correctly. Search engines will also pick you up when they call (often daily) and the more (unique) content you have, the more people will come and bookmark your blog.

6. Ping it!

Make sure your blog is set up to ping the various web blogs. Many blog platforms allow you to set this up in your settings. This helps a variety of information/search sites know that you’ve updated your blog.

7. Social Media

You can use various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) to drive traffic to a blog. People you connect with socially are likely to be interested in what you have to say on your blog. Make sure you follow proper etiquette and use your common sense. Also, don’t overdo it and get lost in your social networks all day…you’ve got WORK and other important things to do. Plus, if you are remarkable, those who use social networks will be doing the work for you and talking about you.

There are many more ways to get blog traffic, but these are very important and relatively easy methods to implement.

These are just a few methods on how to get blog traffic, but these methods alone are NOT enough to deposit money into your bank account!


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