what is a microblog


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Microblogging is simply blogging in micro size. It means blogging with brief texts with options to add photos or audio clips. Due to its brevity, microblogging is very popular with mobile phone users and busy people who don’t have the time to write a bull-blown article for blog posting. Microblogging updates or postings can be anything as long as they are short and within the maximum words allowed. The contents can be on a personal level as an update of what someone is doing or on the business level with the latest update of products and services. Even news services also use microblogging to disseminate the information to the public (or followers as they are usually referred to).

what is a microblog

In terms of content, there is really nothing different between “normal” blogging and microblogging. You can just write about anything and about what you want to write. Of course, in business, people will plan the content properly to project a proper corporate image and professionalism. Since the content is brief, it is much easier for people to just write about something on the fly. That is why people can update the microblogs very frequently in a day. The most common contents are updates of what people are doing and thinking. Very frequently also people comment on each other’s postings.

Currently, the most popular microblogging is Twitter. Launched in July 2006, Twitter has become the most popular microblogging site and its name is almost synonymous with microblogging. Here are other popular microblogging sites:

  • Tumblr
  •  Plurk
  • Twister
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

Some social networking sites also provide their own microblogging feature better known as updates. You can see examples, in places like Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many others coming along as well.

what is a microblog

With so many microblogging applications available, many people might want to maintain a presence in more than one of these social networks. Services such as SocialThing and Profilatic come in handy in aggregating the updates from various microblogging sites.

There are advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a presence over many microblogging sites and social marketing sites. It can get confusing at times when you want to update and when you don’t want to update. You may also lose track of what you say and update at which sites. Personally, I choose to update all the sites together at the same time.

Of course, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. You can keep in touch with people you know at all sites as not everyone will maintain a presence at all sites just like you (and me). Different sites have their own characteristics and demographics with a different group of people. It means you can reach different target groups using different sites. In terms of marketing, your effort will be more focused on delivering better results.

With this short introduction, I hope it has given a brief overview of what microblogging is all about and if you would like to learn more about Microblogging plus how to use these little sites to earn a passive income online I would recommend that you enroll in this free course to get you started in the right direction.

Happy Microblogging!

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