what is affiliate marketing-affiliate marketing 101

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing 101

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What is affiliate marketing? An affiliate is like a salesperson who works on commission. If the seller presents a potential customer with a new product, they will only be paid if that customer purchases the product. Most of the major online companies use affiliates as their sales force. This helps Internet companies to generate traffic flow and helps the affiliate earn money.

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how much money can you make with affiliate marketing

Companies that use affiliate marketers create coded links that help track where each customer learned about the products or business. When those links are followed to the companies website, the affiliate makes a commission on sales. For example, you’ve definitely followed comment links on articles on Amazon.com. Amazon uses thousands of sellers to drive traffic to its site, one of the reasons for its rapid success in the market.

sale, sale sign, sell

All daily products, from shampoo to shoes, baby diapers and expensive electronics, are sold through affiliate programs. You can earn a little extra money as an affiliate, or even earn enough to live on. Top affiliates, often called super affiliates, can earn six or even seven figures from their work. Most affiliates don’t make that much, but there are many thousands of people who use affiliate marketing to increase their income each month.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is simple, although being successful usually takes some time. To get started as an affiliate marketer, you will need to register with at least one affiliate program. There are many options to choose from. Some companies use their own internal affiliate programs. Others use intermediaries to manage affiliate programs for them. Some reputable affiliate programs are Amazon, CJ.com (Formally called Commission Junction) ,and Shareasale.

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry and according to Inc.com magazine it’s predicted that by 2020 affiliate marketing is expected to rise to $6.8 billion! There are many marketing experts who earn six and seven figure income online. It is important to remember that all of these guys started out as “newbies”. The question of how much you can earn as an affiliate marketer is really up to you and how serious are you about learning the basics and working on a proven system.

how much money can you make with affiliate marketing

How to find affiliate programs

You can locate potential affiliate programs by searching for the name of a product or category you want to promote and adding the words “affiliate programs”. To do this just head on over to Google and type in something like “yoga + affiliate program” or “yoga affiliate programs” and this is what you will see…

how to find a affiliate marketing program

Successful marketers use many methods to drive traffic to the offers they promote. You can start with free methods like creating review blogs. The most experienced affiliates use their own websites and mailing lists to attract an audience.

The real key to success in affiliate marketing is promoting products you really believe in.

             Sincerity is important, and customers can smell something fishy a mile away!

What affiliate programs pay the most?

  • Shareasale. This is one that I use and highly recommend. Shareasale has been in business for over 20 years and I know why…because Shareasale allows you to choose from over 2,500 merchants that offer a variety of services and products. As an affiliate, select any of the ShareASale merchants and try to direct sales to the merchant websites. Merchants will then pay a commission on sales resulting from affiliate referrals. As an affiliate, you decide which specific merchants you want to promote and how you want to promote them. Affiliates can also log into the ShareASale website and check their statistics and earnings in real time.
  • CJ Affiliate. (Formally called Commission Junction) is the go-to place to find offers from various vendors. Many of the programs from other verticals are partnered with CJ Affiliate. They claim that they have a record 400-day cookie lifetime, but you have to remember that many partner programs use a shorter lifetime.
  • Amazon Associates. One of the biggest affiliate programs on the planet. It has all the offers there are (around 12 million). The only problem is their short cookie lifetime (1day).
  • Ebay Partner Network. Having even more offers than Amazon, it would seem like the perfect place for any affiliate. However, because of the auction model used by the majority of sales and the ridiculously short cookie lifetime, it cannot go any higher than the fourth place.

How to sign up for affiliate programs

Watch The Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Below To Learn How To Sign Up For An Affiliate Program…

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